Maurilio Moreira Fondevila

I think that art is a wonderful way to express what I feel, what I think and what I dream. Art allows me to be myself, without filters or restrictions.

Don't you feel the same?

Maurilio Moreira

Maurilio Moreira Fondevila

Maurilio Moreira Fondevila

Maurilio Moreira Fondevila was born in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil on July 14, 1965

It all began with drawing on scratch paper and doodling on the walls at home. In 1985 he completed his first painting: "Sagrado" acrylic 40x28 inches – surrealist this work was sold in September 1987 during the exhibition at "La Grepia Galeria" restaurant in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In August 1995 and May 1997, he returned to “La Grepia” with an exhibition and sold “Galo do Pantanal” and "Palhaço" acrylic on canvas paintings.

Other Exhibitions:
● 2014 November exhibited artwork at Mauricio WoodWork showroom of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.
● 2016 May participated in a Gallery Auction to benefit US Memorial Hospital, Worcester, MA, USA
● 2019 June exhibited artwork at “Irvine Cultural Space” Irvine, CA
● 2019 December exhibited artwork at “Irvine Espaço Cultural”, Irvine, CA
● 2020 March – April exhibited artwork at “Gracie Art Galleries”, Laguna Beach, CA
● 2021 November – February exhibited artwork at Encino Terrace, Encino, CA.
● 2023 October exhibited artwork at Los Angeles, California, USA.
● Next 2024 March, at JOAO PESSOA, PARAÍBA, BRAZIL.


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Maurilio Moreira Fondevila is a Brazilian artist who characterizes his work with the geometrization of shapes, the use of bright and contrasting colors,
and the representation of everyday scenes, landscapes, and portraits.
In this video, you will be able to see a small review of his artistic career, his influences and his main works. Do not miss it.


Acuarela Series

Watercolor, for its Spanish translation "Acuarela", is a technique where colored pigments are diluted through water. In this case, the Acuarela series aims to be a metaphor, an allusion to the changing, fluid, surprising and adaptable nature of the human being.

It is a surreal series that shows characters with hidden stories and emotions, which are contrasted with reality and dressed to give rise to the interpretation and emotional vision of the viewer, combining a chromatic game between the emotions of those who admire the work and the ideas. that are revealed through the names of the works and the artist's message.

It is a critical work of the human being in its clarity, coherence, solidity, reliability, and choices, the different lives we live as humanity.


We present the "Acuarela" Catalogue by Fondevila Art Galleries, which contains the latest collection and series of works of art by our renowned artist Maurilio Moreira Fondevila.


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