Ana María Sala

Ana María expresses her artistic vision through the inspiration that nature gives her, and she captures it with delicate but firm strokes and vivid colors.


Ana María Sala

Ana María Sala

Ana Maria Sala was born in 1953 in the town of Ituzaingó, in the heart of the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. From her early days, she embraced the world of artistic expression, awakening a lifelong passion for painting and ceramics. Nature's intricate textures and graceful forms have long been her fountain of inspiration. Her artistic education was a passage of self-discovery, enriched by her relentless pursuit of excellence through various workshops hosted by esteemed artists.

Ana Maria Sala's creative ride has been marked by remarkable exhibitions that have showcased her ingenuity:

• A spellbinding solo exhibition at the prestigious "Forma" gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• A compelling individual exposition at "Isidro Miranda" gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• A notable presence in a collective exhibition at the "Sociedad Italiana de Tigre". Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Today, Ana Maria Sala calls the city of Tigre, in the northern suburbs of the City of Buenos Aires, her home. Here, within the sanctuary of her studio, she not only continues to shape her own narratives but also imparts her wisdom as a teacher, inspiring the next generation of artists to explore their creative depths. 

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