Welcome to the Fondevila Art Galleries, a space dedicated to the dissemination and enjoyment of contemporary art. Here you can find works by the most outstanding artists, as well as by the new generations of creators.

Art Samples

Creative and expressive artists, they offer us a unique and personal vision of reality, their feelings, their dreams and desires, samples of their unique talent.


We invite you to visit our entire site and choose the pieces that you like the most, also contact us if you want to purchase any of our works of art.

Annual Exhibitions

Our annual exhibitions en Los Angeles, EE.UU y Paraíba, Brasil, have proposals that invite dialogue, creating new readings and connections between visitors and art.

About Us


We are a group of restless souls who love art and its infinite possibilities. We have decided to unite to share with the world the talent and creativity of our artists, who give us their works as windows to their inner universe. We were born recently, but we are already a large family of more than 6 exhibitors who amaze us with their diverse and unique creations. We want to expand art and make recognizable the extraordinary capacity of our artists, who inspire us with their personal and unique vision of life. We invite you to meet them and enjoy their art!



Painting is an art that is born of desire, to capture reality or fantasy with shapes and colors, like a language that speaks without words, that expresses with strokes and nuances what the artist feels and thinks.

This art can use different media and techniques, such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, graphite, etc. Each has its own magic and its own effect. It requires knowledge of drawing, composition, color theory and perspective, as well as sensitivity and creativity. Fondevila Art Galleries has talent and variety for everyone.

Las últimas flores del verano
A&P: 3% of the works

Acrylic and Pencil

Colored pencils are used to make very fine details in acrylic paintings. Not to shade or color, but to highlight details.

Above the Sky
Acryllic: 3% of the works


Acrylic is a specific type of man made polymer. Most synthetic paint media in contemporary artistic use are based on acrylic.

AOC: 85% of the works

Acrylic on Canvas

Modern style. Consists of painting with water-soluble acrylic paints on a cotton or linen fabric. To create vibrant colors and blends.

Country House
AOP: 4% of the works

Acrylic on Paper

Use acrylic paints on a wide variety of textures and smooth or rough surfaces and methods, such as bleeding, washing and splashing.

Culture Clash 3
OOW: 3% of the works

Oil on Wood

It consists of painting with pigments dissolved in oil on prepared wood. Create light and shadow effects, as well as realistic details.

GOP: 1% of the works

Graphite on Paper

Allows you to create a variety of linear marks and shades of gray. It is used for both sketches and finished works.


Art Galleries

This is the main exhibition of our permanent artist, Maurilio Moreira Fondevila. We are proud to present his work.
Enjoy them!

Maurilio Moreira Fondevila

Permanent Artist

Maurilio Moreira Fondevila´s art is characterized by its expressiveness, its color and its imagination. His paintings reflect his personal vision of the world, his emotions and his dreams. Moreira uses different techniques and materials, such as oil, acrylic, collage and sculpture.

His style is varied, ranging from surrealism to abstract, through figurative and pop art. Moreira has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions, both in Brazil and abroad, and has received several awards and recognitions for his artistic career.

Sonho de Alma


New serie!

Acuarela is a surreal series that shows characters with hidden stories and emotions, who contrast with reality and dress to give rise to the interpretation and emotional vision of the viewer, combining a chromatic game between the emotions of those who admire the work and the ideas. that are revealed through the names of the works and the artist's message.


Special offers

In our art gallery, we pride ourselves on offering our distinguished customers an exclusive selection of high-quality original paintings. These works are the result of the creativity and talent of renowned and emerging artists, who capture their unique vision of the world on their canvases. If you want to give a touch of elegance and distinction to your home or office, take advantage of our special offer of exclusive paintings, available only for a limited time and with special prices. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire a unique and unrepeatable piece of art, that will delight all your guests. Visit our gallery or contact us for more information. We are waiting for you.

Visit our exhibitions!

Fondevila Art Galleries celebrating!

We share with you our October 2023 exhibitions and the one currently taking place in Paraíba, Brazil, the DIVAS International Exhibition, which we share with friends, clients and the general public who continue to visit the exhibition until April 10.


New Artists

Carlos Altamirano

Carlos learned from the great teacher José Luis Gómez Catoira, expanding his love and experience for art.

Lupe Goraro

Lupe is creative and passionate, with art being the dominant element of her life.


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Elephant Series 2
Elephant Series 2
Elephant Series 2


We present the "Acuarela" Catalogue by Fondevila Art Galleries, which contains the latest collection and series of works of art by our renowned artist Maurilio Moreira Fondevila.